Our demands:
- Building up of Concentrated Solar power plants and solar updraft towers in the Sahara desert, geothermal power plants in Western Turkey
- European and global nuclear phase-out, abandoning electricity from coal, oil and natural gas
- Energy storage: Electric cars, hydrogen production, pumped-storage hydroelectricity
- Conservation and energy: Ban on Fracking, restricition of uranium mining, restriction of Biofuel production, abandoning the nuclear reprocessing

Essay on the topic energy transition (20th of December 2013, translated from German on 12th of March 2014)
Heat is energy. Over 80 % of the German Energy consumption happens through heating within flats. The German industry gives off as much energy in the form of heat as 5 nuclear power plants produce. Parabolic solar power plants - 4 can replace one nuclear power plant- do work commercial in countries which are rich in sunlight. Solar updraft towers - 5 can replace one nuclear power plant- are easy to bulid up and save resources. Both techniques are already tested since the 1980ies. So the focus within energy transition should be laid on the topics Solar heat concentration, utilization of waste heat and heat insulation.
We Europeans should dare the cooperation with islamic countries. The desert energy project Desertec is in its core not only an ecological appropriate project, it is also a sign for world peace. Such investments into green energy come in useful to the man in the street in Tunesia or Egypt. It creates jobs and helps the states to develop democracy, to prosper. Parabolic solar power plants within the Sahara desert should be appended by real base load power plants: geothermal power plants in Western Turkey.
Nowadays we are on the wrong track. Energy transition is not the business of the single citizen at his or her home. Energy saving is not only the duty of a single person. Industry, politics and the society: All those players have to pull together in the same direction to realize an energy revolution. If every citizen, who is concerned, had spent his or her money not for photovoltaics on the roof but for a Sahara desert energy fund, we would be nearer to a solution. If the international community had invested its money not info fusion power but into Sahara desert energy, the energy problem would probably be solved to a large extend today.
The politics up to now support expensive and not base load energy production through wind power on the north sea and photovoltaics on German house roofs. Thus the energy corporations get an alibi for running coal-, oil- and natural gas power plants as base load power plants. But we just say no to such a half-hearted insanity. We want to have 100% green electricity: Solar power from the desert, geothermal energy from Turkey, water power from Scandinavia, wind power from the Western coasts of Africa. All we need is just not to be restricted in our thinking.
Unluckily some European countries (especailly the UK) try to turn the clock back and plan the new building of nuclear power plants. The nuclear activities of the human being threaten the survival of life on earth. Within 50 years of nuclear economy Chernobyl and Fukushima, the incident on Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, the accident of Majak in the Ural Mountains happened. Uncounted ticking bombs are: Nuclear waste in barrels on the ground of the Channel, sunken Russian nuclear submarines in the Arctic Ocean, waste water from La Hague, the German depository for nuclear waste Asse.
In Germany people tend to tolerate coal-, oil- and natural gas power plants. We should not forget that the CO2 lies down on earth like a winter coat. It heats up the planet and brings in energy into the weather system which tends to be more and more extreme.

What can I do as a single person?

- To like this website by means of facebook
- Change Your electricity provider
- Invest money into Sahara green energy production
- Donate to conservation organisations like e.g. Greenpeace
- Letters to the European parliament
- Put your savings on green, ecological banks

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